"Developing sustainable land policy strategies and thinking ahead with construction are the major challenges of the coming decade for all European cities and regions - including Hannover.

Megatopics such as climate protection, mobility, the finite nature of resources, digitization, mixed use in neighborhoods, demographic change and migration, the further development of our retail-dominated inner cities, population shrinkage versus population growth, and the prioritization of portfolio development over new construction are all megatopics that require a transformation of our cities and regions and their building blocks.

Rethinking is the will of society, and as architects, urban planners and citizens, we have a duty to make our contribution to the development of climate-friendly, sustainable concepts in dialogue with politics, administration and business."

Interior design with vision

"Vision is the central feature of contemporary interior design. After all, only if office and commercial space is functional and attractive beyond the day can it make a noticeable contribution to the long-term development of the district and city.

There, we will be demonstrating how we, as a general contractor, network many interior design competencies into a holistic solution: From implementation planning to technical planning and the production of the interior, right through to project management. At the interface between creative staging and technical expertise, this results in spaces that not only meet the requirements in terms of economy, safety, comfort and sustainability - but also inspire people in the long term. Be it in the start-up office or the large company headquarters, be it in the flagship store as well as in restaurants, bars, hotels, lobbies or lofts. In short: wherever people come together. And wherever a room should tell an unforgettable story."

"It is important to develop a counterweight to EXPO Real that focuses on B- and C-cities as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Especially for PropTechs, these target groups are highly attractive.

"In the real estate industry, trust is the highest good between the acting players. Therefore, platforms are needed where market participants can meet and exchange information. Only in this way can trust grow, but also the necessary networks can be expanded and creative solutions developed. This works all the better when the boundaries of the real estate industry are crossed and bridges are built to other economic sectors, politics and society.

As real estate lawyers, we also stand for solutions and real estate policy discourse. That is why we, as one of the leading real estate law firms, are happy to be part of it."