What impact will the corona crisis, traffic turnaround, digitalization or climate change have on the city center of the future? How can city centers be designed in the future so that they continue to be an exciting and attractive place to live and work? In order to provide answers to this and other questions, the initiative "Die Stadtretter" is launching an innovation partnership with Deutsche Messe AG for the Real Estate Arena 2021 in Hannover. There, innovative solution concepts for the city centers are to be designed, presented and discussed.

"The future of our city centers is close to our hearts," said Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Messe AG. "Together with the city councils, we have identified this topic as a key pillar of our new trade show concept, the Real Estate Arena in Hanover in May 2021, and we want to present solutions there that will make cities and communities fit for the future.

Achieving more together - Initiative die Stadtretter

The online network "Die Stadtretter", launched in June 2020, was created with the aim of strengthening city centers and establishing new city center, retail and service concepts at the municipal level. The digital platform serves the nationwide exchange between cities and municipalities, property owners, project developers, retailers, commercial enterprises and solution providers. Since its launch at the beginning of June, well over 300 members have already joined. "Our members come from all parts of Germany. From their own experience they know the challenges facing city centers," explains Stadtretter co-founder Stefan Müller-Schleipen. "And in the Stadtretter network, they can report their own examples of best practice with which they are meeting these challenges," adds Stadtretter co-initiator Bo Nintzel.

Real Estate Arena

The issues of climate change, sustainability, digitization, affordable housing and strengthening of cities and communities outside the major metropolitan areas deserve more attention. The Real Estate Arena in Hanover in May 2021 will provide a new platform for these topics, combined with a new, modern way of working together. The new format will be launched for the first time on May 26 and 27, 2021.